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Carter Antiques is an Antique Store in Trussville, AL

Carter Antiques is a family-owned antique store located in Trussville, AL offering a unique assortment of rare and hard-to-find items. While our selection may not be as huge as other similar establishments, our store features a simple, easy-to-access layout that allows you to browse items without having to spend half a day hunting through aisles, shelves, and boxes; and at least one of the owners is always available to answer any questions you might have.

Carter Antiques carries the following:

We are always traveling to Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey as estate buyers to look for unique items to bring to our store so that our customers can enjoy a wonderful selection with plenty of surprises. To explore the contents of our store, please visit us at Carter Antiques today!

Carter Antiques is an Antique Store in Trussville, AL
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  • Family Owned
  • Quality Service
  • Unique Inventory

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Locations Served

  • Trussville, AL
  • Birmingham, AL

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